Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How Much Should I CHARGE FOR BRAIDS???

I'm starting a hair braiding business. I think I'm under priced. I charge $20-25 for cornrow styles. If I'm under pricing my skill, how do I raise my price to current clients and/or people my clients refer to me?

How Much Should I CHARGE FOR BRAIDS???

Your prices should be determined by Style , Length and the Width of the Braids.

Good Luck , I hope your Business flourish...

How Much Should I CHARGE FOR BRAIDS???

Im not really sure about this but I know that if you make then to high people might not wanna come and find some where else to go. I know I would if it was to high. If they are lower and just as goodly done as anywhere else you might get better business. I thought you might like to know this just to keep it in mind.

Good luck I hope everything goes good for you.

How Much Should I CHARGE FOR BRAIDS???

$25 sounds good for a half head cornrow style. But if someone wants their entire head done and have medium to long hair I would charge at least 50 or 60. I got my hair braided and it was $65 for my whole head in little braids and I have long thick hair. Just dont raise them too high because your current clients might find somewhere else to go. Good luck!

How Much Should I CHARGE FOR BRAIDS???

business is business = $ is $

If I waz n that type of business ; I would price the amount based upon : grade, length, texture , style desired / time

- don't play u'rself short; stop underestimating u'r skill if good , u'r good and those that have dealings wit u should b greatful for u'r skill but b square wit individuals as a business woman , stay w/in the box of letting oncoming clients know that prices will b based upon: items mentioned above

-u want 2 try 2 exel u'r business by being straight forward 2 all w/ out the softness; bcuz those who want em will gladly pay 4 style wit gratitude for u'r hard work %26amp; time u invest

-lastly ; u'r business is juz that u'rs ; so u kindly advertise n shop that due 2 nflation , product cost , now '07; prices would b risen $20 4 positive gain ( shop ) so toss it out there = I ASSUME U WILL ACHIEVE U'R GOAL OF MAINTAINING A WELL RESPECTED , PROFITABLE BUSINESS w/ a TWIST of style

if they came 2 u b4 at the prices stated ; u good, they'll b back

hopefully wit a smile /$ 2 drop n tip jar ! good luck %26amp; b strong / firm wit all clients n order 2 get u'r respect !

ignore those that may catch attitude all bcuz u raise the prices ; tell them 2 look 4 the special day advertised by means of % off day other than that stick 2 u'r glue girl w/ a $ making smile !!!!

How Much Should I CHARGE FOR BRAIDS???

i think another thing to look at when pricing hair is who is your customer? if you live in a small town, who will have the money to pay those prices... if you live in the city, but most of your customers are students and young people... they wont be able to afford high prices but they will come back a lot if you do a good job..... i think your prices are about right... i am from Atlanta and that's what i pay for non salon hair braiding.

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